From June 10th to September 23rd 2022


These are the newest events from the 2021 season: concerts under the stars at the Orpellières Visitor Centre in Sérignan-Plage ! Every Friday from June 10th to September 23rd.

Join Béziers Méditerranée Tourist Information at the Orpellières Visitor Centre every Friday night (7:30-11pm) for a magical experience.

Soak up the protected nature reserve and an event filled with wonder: an outdoor jazz concert under the stars.

Food and drink under the stars

The Orpellières Visitor Centre “Coin Gourmand” food court is open whilst the concert is on. Drop in for 100% local food and drinks (wine, cured meat, salads, spreads, cheese, ice cream and so much more!).

Pictures of the previous eventages sur la première édition