The unmissable site of the Canal du Midi

You will discover the place, the calm of the Canal du Midi, a boat trip, you will enjoy the local gastronomy, the cinema, and many more experiences!

The early hours of the morning.

You have the chance to enjoy the site in peace and quiet, it’s the opportunity to go for a walk or a footing, with the special feeling of being alone in the world on this extraordinary site.

10:00 am: the site becomes more animated.

The boaters arrive and, together with the lock-keepers, start the parade of going up and down the locks. The heavy doors open and close. The water gushes out, the basins fill and empty, leaving the barges and their passengers to move about.

Get involved in history!

11:00 am: Your curiosity is piqued.

You want more ! To discover the site and all the secrets it hides about its history, its construction, its environment and its characters, the Tourist Office offers you 2 different ways.
For one of them you just sit there, and yet the change of scenery is instantaneous !

The Archivist of the Canal du Midi will take you on a 14-minute tour of the Canal’s construction site, aboard an old barge, he will take you through the locks and even introduce you to some famous people!
The second one is a complete walk around the 9 locks of Fonseranes.

With your headphones on, all you have to do is let yourself be guided! If you attended the Immersive Cinema session, you will certainly recognise the voice of the Canal Archivist who will also accompany you on this 14-stage tour! (Available in english)

1pm: You stomach is rumbling!

It’s been a rich morning and if you want to continue you’ll have to get your strength back ! Once again, there are several possibilities:

You couldn’t miss the restaurant Le 9. From its terrace and its veranda, it offers you a breathtaking view. From one side you have a view on the Canal du Midi, and from the other side the acropolis of Béziers and the Saint Nazaire cathedral. With menus from 19 € to 27 €, it offers only local and seasonal products.
Have you brought your picnic ? There are plenty of places to sit on the grass, on the benches, or on the tables provided for this purpose.


2.30 pm: Need a little activity!

You’ve already seen what’s on offer, and you’ve got the choice !

With your family and children ? Try the “Alice and the Magic Fountaintreasure hunt and have fun exploring the 9 locks site ! Armed with your enquiry kit, go and look for the magic fountain of Fonseranes which could grant wishes… No one knows where it is: it’s up to you ! If you complete your mission, you can wear Alice’s badge with proudness ! This game is available in English and French. Boarding a boat seems like a must, but will you let yourself be carried along, or will you take the commands ?

Bateaux du Midi, Bateaux du Soleil and Cap au Sud will take you on their barges, whether it’s for an afternoon or a whole day ! Once on board, all you have to do is admire the 9 locks of Fonseranes and enjoy the Canal du Midi. If you prefer to be alone on board and feel adventurous, the Petit Bateau des 9 ecluses is perfect for you.

Passage de bateau aux 9 écluses de Fonseranes

If you don’t have a boat licence, it’s not a problem because you don’t need one. A little training at the start and you’re an explorer on the Canal du Midi ! And talking about adventure, you have also noticed some people on board some strange machines… “They look very fast on their e-scooters…”. Yes, they are electric ! With your hair blowing in the wind, you go for a tour along the Canal du Midi, up the slope of the locks and continue your walk effortlessly ! Would you rather explore the historic centre of Béziers and come back later ? The Petit Train de Béziers will take you there !

The day ends, but you can extend the day by staying on the site to admire its nighttime lighting. Light shows, projections, and highlights will give you a whole new perspective on the 9 locks.

Find all the useful information on the 9 locks of Fonseranes on the related website.