Béziers Méditerranée Tourist Board is hereinafter called OTCBM (Office de Tourisme communautaire Béziers Méditerranée).

Validity: 2022 OTCBM quotes are valid for a limited time subject to service availability and only apply to signed quotes returned to OTCBM.

Group numbers: The number of people in a group is clearly stated in any packages and quotes OTCBM provides to the client and is subject to scheduled service/s. Guided tours are available for groups of up to 30 people per guide, unless otherwise stated. The immersive cinema room only has 19 places (15 seated and 4 semi-seated) so the number of sessions must be tailored to suit the number of people in the group. 100 audioguides are available to hire, subject to availability.

Price: As per the decree dated 14/06/82, prices stated on documents and promotional material are of no contractual value.

Bookings: Upon both parties agreeing to a package, price, number of people and date, OTCBM shall send the client a quote recapping their agreement. Upon receipt of the client’s signed contract, the package details, terms and prices are legally binding. A 30% deposit is required upon booking a day trip or break. In the event of late bookings, the total amount is required upon signing the contract.

Payment: the total amount including VAT as stated above must be paid in full at least 30 days before the service begins for a day trip or break and 10 days before the service begins for a tour, school package or half-day. Payment must be made by cheque made out to REGIE DE RECETTE OFFICE DE TOURISME or by bank transfer (bank details on booking form). Upon receipt of payment, the client will be sent payment confirmation.

Cancellation due to client: The client must inform OTCBM of their cancellation in writing by recorded delivery, with the postmark as proof. No refunds apply to any services cancelled of the client’s free will. No refunds apply to adverse weather conditions unless with a prefectural decree.

> The following scale applies to day trip or break (several services) cancellations:

30-21 days before: 15% of total

20-15 days before: 25% of total

14-8 days before: 50% of total

7-4 days before: 75% of total

Under 72 hours before: 100% of total 

> The following scale applies to cancellations of a single activity i.e. a guided tour, school package, immersive cinema booking and audioguide hire:

– Cancellation over 3 days before the start of the service: full refund.

Under 72 hours before: 100% of total

In the event of no-shows and/or late departures due to the client, the client must pay for the service in full and will not be eligible for any refunds.

Changes by OTCBM: Should OTCBM be required to alter a key part of the contract, the client can (after being informed of the change by email from OTCBM) either agree to the alteration or replacement of scheduled services (both parties sign a contract amendment or new contract detailing the changes) or cancel the contract for a full refund of any monies paid. Any difference in price is deducted from the amount paid by the client, any overpayment will be returned to the client.

Group delays: The timetable detailed on the booking form must be adhered to. Please notify OTCBM of any delays. Any delays will be deducted from the original duration of the service. However, in the event of the group being 30 minutes late and with no information from the group, the service providers are no longer required to provide the service. In this event, the full amount is due. The service provider or guide is free to continue the service or not, subject to their availability and extra charge. Under no circumstances may the client signing the quote provided by OTCBM claim any occupancy rights of any kind over the location on completion of the service.

Responsibility: OTCBM cannot be held responsible for any accident, illness, delay due to strike action, baggage loss or other damage. No pets allowed for health and safety reasons.

Clients acknowledge and agree to the above terms when booking.