Take a break from your trip around Valras-Plage with a deep breath of sea air on the marina. Wander by the boats and just enjoy the peace…

Valras marina lies between the Mediterranean Sea and Orb River and was part of the fishing industry for hundreds of years. It was built in the early 1970s when fishing began to drop off in Valras-Plage.

Since mankind learnt how to sail, we have been trying to reach the Mediterranean to set out on adventures. The Orb has also attracted its fair share of visitors over the years. A Viking drakkar actually sailed up the Orb to Béziers in the 9th century!

There are lots of restaurants nearby for a bite to eat. If you fancy a bit of shopping, just venture a little further to the town centre’s streets filled with boutiques.

This is a hive of life, a passing point and meeting place so make sure you visit Valras-Plage port whether on foot, sailing or on a motorboat!