The Maison des Orpellières is, finally, a place for educational activities.

From the beginning of the school year, the creative projects carried out by the Orpellières Resource Centre (7th branch created by the Direction des Services Départementaux de l’Éducation nationale de l’Hérault), for pupils in the sector (from primary school to high school), are born.

In their room and throughout the Orpellières site, the pupils work on cultural, artistic and recreational projects, in connection with school learning, dedicated to raising awareness of the environment and artistic education.

his year, for example, the main projects aim to create a tale on the theme of the coastline, some parts of which will be “slammed”; the production of a comic book dealing with marine pollution; puppets, from recycled materials, representing coastal animals…

Partnerships have also been established between the Orpellières Resource Centre and the Valras-Plage sailing school, the Musée Régional d’Art Contemporain-Occitanie and the “La Cigalière” theatre in Sérignan (for a “performing arts” course).

This means that there are many schools and classes applying to take part in one or other of the proposed projects !