An exceptional natural site, the Orpellières have been the subject of numerous reflections in order to give birth to a development project to raise public awareness and preserve the site.

The nature reserve development project includes :

  • a car park with 230 spaces, access point to the Maison de Site and start of the discovery trail; in addition, there are 3 parking spaces along the site.
  • a Site House/Interpretation Centre, managed by the Tourist Office. On site: reception of the public and tourist information, booking of guided tours, ticket office and treasure hunt; shop; gourmet corner (locally produced terrines, ice creams, biscuits, drinks); children’s games and picnic area, a programme of activities for the general public and children;
  • a viewpoint, rebuilt at the end of the Maison de Site, accessible all day. It marks the entrance to the Orpellières discovery trail.
  • From its terrace, you can see the entire geographical environment of the place in a 360° view: to the north, Béziers and the foothills of the Massif Central; to the west, the Orb, Valras-Plage and the Pyrenees; to the south, the salt meadows, the beach and the sea; to the east, the Grande Maïre, the volcano of Agde and the Mont Saint-Clair.
  • a 3.8 km long discovery and interpretation trail of the environment and landscape. To be explored on foot or by bicycle. Crossings, wooden bridges and signposting have been created to facilitate and mark the route, and to protect the soil from deterioration by human use. Information panels dot the route.
  • A wooden observatory (the Tellines observatory), built at the top of a dune, offers a superb view of the beach, the sea, the surrounding salt meadows and sansouïres.