1. Chill out on the beach

You can’t leave Sérignan Port without a trip to the beautiful beaches around it! Plage des Orpellières, Plage de la Séoune, Plage de la Grande Maïre and the naturist beach are slices of paradise where you can unwind as the waves lap the shore.

If you love nature and the great outdoors, make a beeline for the protected Plage des Orpellières beach. For further information about the sites, please visit our friendly team of trip consultants at the Orpellières visitor centre!

2. Hike the surrounding area

Do you like walking in peaceful and natural surroundings? Then grab your backpack, pull on your hiking boots and hit the footpaths! Set off from Sérignan or the Orpellières to soak up unique scenery, the peace and quiet and a natural setting bursting with unique flora and fauna!

The “Pasejade del Cres” takes you deep into the Orb delta’s vineyard to introduce you to Sérignan and its Roman history. The “Natural Treasures” hike is a golden opportunity to drink in unique landscapes in a protected and listed site near the sea.

3. Sample fine wine

Fancy trying some local wine? Get a warm welcome and a tantalising tasting at our wineries! They will help you choose the right wine for you and show you what sets our “local wine” apart.

Stop at the Cave de Sérignan wine shop near the port or visit one of the wineries for expert advice from our winemakers!

4. Visit Valras-Plage port and town

Valras-Plage and Sérignan ports are a stone’s throw from each other! What better excuse to visit the sea resort for a stroll or a chill-out on the neighbouring beach? What with trips, seaside meals, water sports in summer and a whole host of things to do all year round, Valras has it all!