You know Jean Moulin the statesman, the prefect, the man of conviction, the Resistance fighter, but do you know Jean Moulin the child, the teenager? When you visit Jean Moulin’s birthplace in Béziers, you’ll understand how he became such a key figure in French history.

Jean Moulin’s birthplace was inaugurated on May 27, 2023.
Guided tours of the home where the Moulin family, and in particular the youngest son, Jean, lived until he was 17, are now officially launched!

A space is also dedicated to Jean Moulin, at the Médiathèque André Malraux, (located just a stone’s throw from Jean Moulin’s birthplace), where sketches made by the young Jean Moulin will be on display.

You can take part in private guided tours (in English) of Jean Moulin’s birthplace in Béziers
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Jean Moulin’s birthplace

Why should you visit the Maison natale de Jean Moulin?

The figure of Jean Moulin is known to all for his heroic deeds during the Second World War, but did you know (before reading this page) that Jean Moulin was born in Béziers, in 1899?

Visit Jean Moulin’s birthplace to discover Jean Moulin before he became a key figure in the French Resistance.

That’s why a guided tour or a virtual guided tour of Jean Moulin’s birthplace will shed light on Jean Moulin’s youth, family situation and living environment, as well as his relationship with his parents. You’ll learn how Jean Moulin‘s father, Emile-Antoine Moulin, influenced his son by instilling strong republican values in him.

Jean Moulin’s birthplace in Béziers

Enter the house where Jean Moulin was born and step back in time to 1898

Jean Moulin‘s family moved in as tenants in October 1898 and stayed for some forty years before leaving in 1938. The layout of the flat has never been changed. It is still as Jean Moulin knew it in his youth. The house where Jean Moulin was born is approximately 60m². It comprises 4 rooms: a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and a living room.

Virtual tour of Jean Moulin’s birthplace

A birthplace furnished to reflect the period

The interior of the flat has been reconstructed using photos and writings by Laure Moulin, Jean Moulin’s sister, and the Benoit family, Moulin’s heirs.

Please note that the flat is only open during visiting hours.
If you’d like to take a step back in history, make sure you book in advance.

Back today.… what has become of Jean Moulin’s birthplace?

In 2011, Béziers Town Hall bought the flat from the Moulin family. In 2017, it was listed as a Historic Monument.

The flat at 6 Rue d’Alsace in the heart of Béziers has seen many faces since the Moulins left. On the ground floor you’ll find the restaurant “La Cave – Chez Max“, which bears one of Jean Moulin’s most famous code names. The art deco decor invites you to take a trip. On the first and second floors are the flats. Finally, the Moulin family flat is on the third floor of the building.

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