Whether you feel more like a gladiator or a spectator, you can experience the Roman arena from every angle!

The first remains of the Roman amphitheatre were uncovered in 1991 and lots of our schools went to watch the excavation work.

When you’re 10, it’s hard to imagine that this place could have hosted an amphitheatre with lions, gladiators, Roman games and up to 15,000 spectators (Stade Raoul Barrière currently accommodates 18,000).

Les Amis du Bréviaire d’Amour association has spent months designing an augmented reality app to layer virtual images over a real background (landscape/location) on a tablet or smartphone.
After all, if the Swedes can show you what a Giggëbruk sofa looks like in your lounge before you even get into the blue and yellow store, how tempting (and arguably more interesting!) would it be to wander around the Roman arena’s current grounds and see them as they were in 80AD?

As soon as you’re on Rue Saint Jacques and see the amphitheatre ahead, you go through the current grounds’ terrace, wander around the terraces beneath the velarium, then go down to the garden into the arena itself to see how high the terraces are, walk by the arches and gaze at the ambulacrum.

Biterrus the gladiator is your guide and has lots of historical information and directions to get you to the right place! The tour lasts around 45 minutes and takes you 2000 years back in time.

So if like me, you have a gladiator’s soul, contact Les Amis du Bréviaire d’Amour association and go on an amazing trip back in time.

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