When term starts again here, it feels like you’re on holiday every Wednesday and weekend (that’s right, no school on Wednesday in France)! Running short on ideas for a family outing? Join Christelle, Thierry, Sasha and Clément to see all that Béziers has to offer!

Travel back in time at the Roman Arena

Did you know that there’s a Roman Arena tucked away in central Béziers? To help you find it and relive history with Roman gladiators, it’s time for some augmented reality! Set off from Place Saint-Cyr, where you’ll find the statue of Saint Aphrodisius, and follow an hour-long themed trail to the arena.

Join Christelle and her family to unlock the mysterious legend of Saint Aphrodisius in key Béziers locations and find the secret crypt! Ready for a fun-filled trip back in time? Look up as you wander around Béziers old town and feast your eyes on trompes l’oeil murals depicting the town’s past. You may even run into Béziers’ famous camel!

Béziers on the tourist train

Sasha and Clément love trains and hop on board to explore the secret lanes in the old town! Set off from Allées Paul Riquet, settle back, put on your headset and let the history of Béziers wash over you! You can even continue your journey to the Fonseranes 9 Locks!

Snack break at the cathedral

Time for a little break with something sweet between outings? Settle down on a terrace at Béziers Cathedral and treat the kids to a tasty ice cream and the parents to a local craft beer!

Want to see more of the cathedral? Step inside, marvel at the huge organ, wander through the Jardin des Evêques (bishops’ garden) and drink in its fabulous views of the Orb!

Mysterious legend at Saint-Aphrodise Basilica

Have you heard of Saint Aphrodisius? He was the patron saint and first bishop in Béziers. He was going to convert Béziers to Christianity before he was beheaded on Place Saint-Cyr, where your augmented reality tour begins. Legend has it that he walked through town with his head under his arm to a cave where he hid away. The cave is now the crypt at Saint-Aphrodise Basilica! We’ll keep the rest of the mystery under wraps so you can uncover it for yourself during a trip to the dark crypt!

Watch “a day trip in the old town” with Christelle and Thierry’s family.

Your kids will feel like they’re on holiday even during term time with this schedule! If a day trip deep in our vineyards is more your thing, join Alexandra, Eric and the family on their adventure.


Originally from Poitiers, she has been living in the south of France for several years now. She is now head of communications and databases at the Béziers Méditerranée Tourist Office. Putting the spotlight on each and every one of the service providers who make up the richness and originality of the region is something she takes to heart. Judging by the articles she posts on her blog, her interests tend to lie in festivities, culture and, above all, good food! Her favourite place: the Plateau des Poètes. It's a soothing place to take a stroll, and ideal for lunch in the sun.