The Arena of Béziers, known as the "Arena of the Plateau de Valras" was built in 1897. The important building site (it employed 250 workers) was not yet finished when the very first bullfight was given, on 11 July 1897. The building was completed in 1905. It offered 13,500 places: bullfighting thus took off in Béziers which became, thanks to these arenas, one of the very first bullfighting places in France. It was even nicknamed the "French Seville".
Castelbon de Beauxhostes, a winegrower and patron of the Biterrois region, made it a mecca for lyric art from 1892 to 1911. Saint Saëns and Fauré created operas there. Today, the arenas are the scene of bullfights during the Féria de Béziers in August, but also many concerts and events throughout the year.



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